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Voices and inner parts - our guides when life is tough? - 1 day introductory workshop, with Dr Joachim Schnackenberg

Voices, visions, some inner parts and varying realities can have a bad reputation and for some people seemingly cause a lot of mental and emotional distress. This 1-day introductory workshop offers a basic understanding of how to discover ways of constructive relating and communicating about and with these experiences to learn about their guiding and supporting potential for personal growth and being increasingly content with onself.

This 1-day workshop represents an introductory overview to the topic and the principles of Experience Focused Counselling aka Making Sense of Voices, a new social and personal approach that can be used to focus on understanding voices, visions, inner parts and varying realities within the person´s life context. It also seeks positive ways of relating to and communicating about and with these experiences. Participants will be able to use the newly learned material to good effect in their everyday lives. 

It is run by Dr Joachim Schnackenberg, who has been part of a pioneering group of people (those with lived experience of voices, visions, inner parts and varying realities, as well as mental health professionals) who have discovered that voices, visions, inner parts and varying realities do not constitute signs of illness or similar but are actually normal but important experiences that are trying to support the experiencer in moving forward in their lives. Schnackenberg has been successfully using this new approach in most mental health settings (including in hospitals and community settings). He has also been providing specialised training, consultation and supervision internationally since 2007. He has been active as a researcher in this field since 2009 and published various scientific papers and broadly accessible chapters and books on the topic.

The workshop is open to people who hear voices, experience visions, have questions about inner parts and varying realities, whether they are distressed by them or not and independently of any particular diagnoses. In fact, it can be helpful across diagnoses and none. Mental health and psychotherapy professionals and people accompanying the people who hear voices (such as friends, family, etc.) also regularly report to be greatly benefitting from learning about this recovery focused approach. A strong focus will be on the experience of hearing voices, as the principles of understanding and relating constructively to voices can also be applied to visions, inner parts and varying realities. 

Participation fees: £ 180 (fully waged/employer pays); £ 100 (part-time wage); £ 30 (social benefits/unwaged)

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