Discovering, Learning, Being



Nicole Schnackenberg, DEdPsych & Joachim Schnackenberg, PhD

My name is Nicole Schnackenberg. I have worked as a qualified teacher within primary school and special needs settings. I am also an educational psychologist, a yoga teacher, a group facilitator in the mental health field, a published author in the areas of mental and emotional well-being and an internationally active training facilitator for various areas around emotional and mental well-being.

My name is Joachim Schnackenberg. I have worked, researched and innovated in mental health, both as a mental health nurse and a social worker for over 20 years now. I have specialised in working with people who have got experiences they and others may find difficult to know how to understand and deal with, including inner conflicts, trauma, hearing voices, seeing visions, having convictions many others do not, etc. I work internationally as a trainer, consultant, supervisor and researcher within the area of hearing voices, seeing visions, working with inner parts, unshared realities, etc. I have published research articles, textbooks and chapters in this area. 

What moves us

Discovering and learning about life´s richness, being with ourselves

Life can be tough. Life can be beautiful. When it is difficult it can sometimes feel  hard to know how to find a way forward. Beautiful and uplifting experiences can seem far away. Can we find a way to (re)discover and truly appreciate our own greatness in our littleness?

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