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Nicole Schnackenberg, DEdPsych

Through my own on-going journey of discovery and recovery I feel I have been learning many things that have been helpful but also unhelpful in moving on in life. I am excited about learning from and passing on insights and knowledge from a wide variety of fields. 


Consultation Sessions
in Private or in a Group



Both Nicole and Joachim and partners offer individual and group consultations on a variety of topics around emotional and mental well-being. 

Trainings, Workshops

We run, facilitate and offer our premises for a variety of trainings in the area of emotional and mental well-being. These include trainings on constructive communication, working with inner conflicts, trauma-related, hearing voices and seeing visions, working with inner parts, etc. 


Selected Literature

Nicole Schnackenberg, 2016

False Bodies, True Selves: Moving Beyond Appearance-Focused Identity Struggles and Returning to the True Self: Schnackenberg, Nicole: 9781782203964: Books

Parker, I., Schnackenberg, J. & Hopfenbeck, M. 2021 (eds.)

The Practical Handbook of Hearing Voices: Therapeutic and creative approaches 9781910919910 (

Nicole Schnackenberg, 2016

A Hug In The Mud: Schnackenberg, Nicole, Ingrid Sanchez: 9781326666613: Books


Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) & Hearing Voices

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